CF7 Skins makes creating great looking Contact Form 7 forms easy – even if you don’t have HTML + CSS skills.

  • Visual Editor – build your form with simple drag and drop
  • Templates – cover a wide range of commonly used forms
  • Styles – extensive range of compatible Styles

Visual Editor

Build your form with simple drag and drop

A visual and interactive form editor

The CF7 Skins Visual Editor makes it easy to create forms to meet your needs. You can simply drag and drop elements to build a form and edit, copy or remove elements with ease.

  • CF7 Skins now includes a drag and drop visual editor for Contact Form 7 forms.

All Contact Form 7 tags available

Simply drag and drop form fields

Edit each form field quickly & easily


Cover a wide range of commonly used forms

Each Template acts as an easy to follow guide

Each Template acts as an easy to follow guide, which can be adapted to your particular requirements – right within the Contact Form 7 interface.

Templates include a range of commonly used forms – like User Suggestion, Customer Survey, Event Registration etc.

The Template acts as a starting point for your form content and layout. It includes the necessary HTML and Contact Form 7 Tags required to both structure and style your Contact Form 7 form.


Form content and layout (Template) – HTML

Start your form by choosing a suitable Template from a range of commonly used form types. Then use the Visual Editor to edit the form to suit your needs.

  • Each Template acts as an easy to follow guide for your forms.

form content (Template) – HTML


Extensive range of compatible Styles

Each Style covers the full range of Contact Form 7 form elements

CF7 Skins provides a wide range of Styles that cover the full range of Contact Form 7 form elements.

The range of compatible Styles gives you a choice of appearance for your Contact Form 7 forms.

Each Style covers the full range of standard form elements available within Contact Form 7.


Form presentation (Style) – CSS

Simply select an appearance Style to apply to your form. Choose from a variety of styles that work seamlessly with any Template.

  • CF7 Skins Templates & Styles work seamlessly together.

form presentation (Style) – CSS


What others are saying about CF7 Skins

I love CF7 Skins. I’ve been using it now on a number of lead generation websites I’ve built where a well-designed form is key to getting customer data submitted.

We are now using it on Expert Pension Claims with great success.

It’s easy to use, I can customise it further, and the support I’ve received has been excellent. Get this plugin, you won’t regret it. It will save you masses amount of time messing around with style sheets and the complications of making a Contact Form 7 look good!

Marc AaronOnline Marketing Consultant

Many of my clients depend on custom forms and I’ve had experience with many of the plugins on WordPress.

CF7 Skins has made life so much easier and allows the ability to quickly and efficiently customize and tailor forms to suit your needs. Highly recommended. Support is A+.

Blake RDirector


Knowledge Base, FAQ, Tutorials

Comprehensive documentation to help you use CF7 Skins

Our Tutorials cover from how to get started right up how to customize your forms with CF7 Skins. You can search our Knowledge Base either by Categories & Tags or Keywords.

Our in-depth Documentation is a great place to find detailed answers. It covers how to get started, how to customize your forms with CF7 Skins and everything else in between.

Browse over the Frequently Asked Questions from our Pro customers. Chances are your question has been asked before and it’s answered here.