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Premium Email Support is provided to deal with users questions and problems

Premium Email Support is provided to deal with CF7 Skins Add-on users questions and problems. If you’ve bought a CF7 Skins Add-on, it comes with a whole year of free updates and support.

We will check that you have an active licence before answering your questions. If your licence has expired, you can renew it from your Account. New licences can be purchased from the Pricing section.

If you have a pre-sales question, please use the Contact Us page.

Premium Email Support is done via Email only

To make support as easy as possible for our Add-on users, our support system is email based. We do have a support system operating behind the scenes, to help us answer your questions, but for users it’s just simple emails answering their particular questions.

Free Version

Community Support is provided via the WordPress Support forum. This is community based support offered by other CF7 Skin users (we visit the forum intermittently to assist with plugin bugs only).

Support Expectations

Ongoing development of CF7 Skins is made possible by sales of renewable annual licenses of our Add-ons.

We have made a decision to provide only limited support for the free version of CF7 Skins via the WordPress Support forum.

If you’re having trouble using the plugin, or making it fit your specific needs, then you’ll need to:

  • seek help from the WordPress community
  • solve the problem yourself by studying our extensive documentation
  • hire someone with suitable skills and experience to assist you.

Alternatively you might consider purchasing one of our Add-ons which include Premium Email Support to deal with users individual site requirements and problems.

While we understand that some people may not like or agree with our decision, we think it’s important to make it clear that we have made this choice.


An automatic updater is included with each Add-on plugin. In order for the updater to work, you need to have a valid licence key which is linked to your website location where the plugin is installed.

You will receive notification of plugin updates just like you’re used to with plugins available from the WordPress Plugin Repository. We provide identical update support, although the plugin will be updated from our website instead of

Note: If you move your site after you activate your license, you will need to change the site location in your Account to receive update notifications.

Your feedback is important for us

We believe the ongoing success of CF7 Skins is founded on continual improvement of our plugins based on feedback from users.

Please help us to improve our plugins by offering bug reports, feature requests and any other feedback you have. Every single feedback is put through our system for collecting, organizing and processing feedback.

Research shows that for every customer that bothers to complain, another 26 customers have the same problem, yet remain silent.

Please be that precious 1 in 26 of our customers that helps make CF7 Skins better.


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    As a small thank-you we offer a 1 month* extension to your current license period to all accepted feedback suggestions and confirmed bugs.

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